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     The Mate of my Species is a Female God, who always was able to find any and all matters, which we as the only two lead workers for the LORD GOD of Matter, were appointed to lead any and all work, to be done after ours, for the creation of any size of matter.

     In the beginning, there were these two Gods. One was the LORD God of Matter, and the other was his workers, who were like the power of Lord GOD to create from the first sub-atomic particle, into atoms or molecules or more molecules. So, no other creation did.

     In the far distant universe lived two GOD Species, inferior to LORD GOD in every way, but could infer and deduce any matter, any size, whatsoever. So, the male understood all he observed so well, that he explained to his mate, how the universe became more matter, agreeably, so to become one unit of any matter. She became overwhelmed by any thought he had and followed him everywhere he went, where he explained all he observed the same way.

      My mate decided  to oversee my debate with her, after I became what the LORD GOD of Matter wanted for both of us, which was to become the best we could become and our limit. So, she made a duplicate sister being to her mind as a humanoid female, who asked her some questions again, but I gave her more complete answers, because the mate would interrupt and ask before I could answer with a depth and variety. He could answer, but far into the future. So, he told her, he needed to make the God Poseidon, who would discern water and its mirrors, to know what food we need best, to know how well we change and become without losing any identity of our whole selves.

     So, the male God made a hugh ball of flame, after he observed the slightest spec, called subatomic A,B, and so on, until he fathomed how to make his body his artificial abode, whole, like his mate had made.

     The mad God's male worker created Buffy, from the model of my mate without her matter. Thereafter, he created his own sperm from one oxygen atom and was transformed to experience, its mating ritual of sensations and became that amount more human.

     Buffy wanted to rule the planet and dominate her mate, Zander, who she could beat, but Zander was wiser than Buffy and called on Zeus to make a mother out of Buffy for him, who was more beautiful than God's mate by far and dominate Buffy. 

     The LORD GOD made Buffy as a beautiful teenager, until no more good to use. The male GOD's worker found out, then made the planets first as a model, but the male God Species finished them much better and whole to agree with the LORD GOD of Matter and all the God's, but not as the worker built them. So, he descended to knowledge of discernment, of what went wrong and why of what he had built by orders of the male God Species, who ascended to designer of the universe as the Angel of all the Gods, including the LORD GOD of Matter, Poseidon, Eternal Wind, Suns God, his mate God, and all the workers, who built Poseidon and the Eternal Wind, but none of the planets of the Sun God's domain, including the Sun itself, but not in agreement with the worker, who the LORD GOD of Matter sent to lead the work of the Solar System of the Sun God's planets. 

     So, he the worker sent by the LORD GOD of Matter, felt discouraged to follow him anymore and told him to prove he could teach his Angel disciple how to master his universe, because he tried to deceive him, until the worker could fathom better, than the Angel and all the other Gods with the universe he would design.

     The LORD GOD of Matter has said: "This male worker did deceive the Angel without stopping his task to finish the Sun, by telling the Angel he would lead the making of the Solar System Planets and all the planetoids, meteorites, and suns in the universe." The Angel did not let him distract him or stop him, whatsoever, and had faith to correct, only mistakes he would make with all other Gods' help, because we knew infinitely better, and the worker could not harm him, but tried all he could and failed. He descended unable to work as thoroughly corrupt as he would wish and did his best to do what he knew was correct. Otherwise, he would have to beat all the Gods and thought by beating the Angel, he would dominate the lead, because the Angel's injuries would prevent all further success, until only he could lead any further design.

     So, the Angel completed creating the Sun, then the Earth was formed as a model, where he could evolve into infinity, but it did lack the matter between seas and any other life. So, the sea was removed, before it fell into space, then he filled each gap.  

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Lord God has stated, that:

     "Most believe Lord God never did speak in words to anyone they now believe is alve. Therefore, before they believe, they must first be convinced that no one is wiser and more thorough to speak, than Lord God, because then he would be worshipped by only those who understand him best. So, no one knows better than the belief that he exists without further knowledge than any book, known to man. So, it must be proven to modern men, that he exists as was stated, before he would be believed to be Lord of Wisdom and Matter. 

     Evil does not wish to heal without evil rule. So, since all nature is inclined to be ruled without man's need of evil to rule nature, then nature is a constant science, so basic it must be ruled by the mind of Lord God, for man to learn how matter happens. So, since science can not prove its potential to improve man's mind or his behavior, then man must worship what he best can know and sense as wisdom itself. 

     Only hearing and seeing are now worshipped as the way to know art and science. So, to learn what you have not done, but can do to improve by our basic art and science, then Lord God's Philosophy.com will prove that oxygen blue to rise above one's crown from within one's ears, is necessary to hear Lord God's voice, without any logical fallacies to remove all doubt!"

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