Collection: Complete Windows 10 Home or PRO without need for any license on USB $50 each

Complete Windows 10 or PRO without any need of any license whatsoever, and installed on a new 16GB USB Flash Drive Memory Stick WITHIN 20 minutes or before physical trade of $50 each. 

     No license is necessary, because the Windows 10 Home or PRO is installed as an image, which contains all data to appear in any computer frame without any license to appear on a website to only the put a copy of a fully licensed Windows 10, which could not remove from that website without a license key to open its files. So, the license key is the way to obtain these files, which are unable to be unlocked by any other means. Windows is Microsoft's product, which cannot be altered without being first a file or copy, but the Windows.iso is almost a copy of an image file without any need to alter it to be a data file. So, to transfer Windows.iso to any computer only requires the submission of an image file. Whenever Windows.iso is installed, then no one can replace that file with the same data amount, regardless how much data is removed from the Windows.iso image, because the image is succinct with all Windows 10 products without any more data to interfere with any success to be the amount of data all included within any Windows 10 products. 

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