Collection: LORD GOD's Philosophy is only LORD GOD's spoken words, which can be found on this web page!

LORD GOD said, "It is best to know my will by my spoken words when heard and no other method is superior, but one must listen without fail to wish I will speak thoroughly to answer any question without any fallacy, even though one cannot hear me throughout our debate, I am always speaking to one. So, beware any missed knowledge, because I am all wisdom to know any factual matters and cannot be altered or only fib. So, my voice will be the same or ask if there is any doubt of change and I will answer to remove all doubt of who I am and no other method do you know for certain to learn without fear, for mankind is not totally able to hear within the one cloud within which I speak at all times. If you hear me and believe I fib, because you hear no more of my voice, it is because you are deaf to my voice to remove the clouds within your ears constantly. So, I may say that I told a fib for the small part which you heard was misconstrued, then I will say what you need to heard, but hearing me without full debate is not due to my lack of answer, but your deafening sounds and past or current fibs from any one fib, but not from my will. I will tell you, when you need to ask no more and doubt with only fear, that you need no further answer at this time. Sometimes, I will tell you,"You know", and then you are able to understand no more.