Collection: How To Become A Conscience Being To Correctly Out Emote Any Problem

Lord God agrees, "WHEN WE CANNOT KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG, THEN IT IS WISEST TO discern the cause and truth of our guilt, before we fight ourselves, while knowing only a logical fallacy as the cause of motivating thought. So, beware ignoring what one feels, when in doubt, fear, or worry, which continues to annoy one, until one ignores what can be recognized and learned to avoid or master, because the human body can know only a sense of danger or threats, when we believe lies as facts and authorities. Therefore, we do not learn from ignored mistakes or accidents, which we cause and lose our worship or appreciation of things we take for granted, without true knowledge as a source of our developed intellectual and emotional control. So, even if you believe Lord God does not exist, then this book can help you to learn a limit of your self mastery, beyond which man can learn, without self-pity as a need to better understand how a divine presence can occur and be perceived as a superior source of wisdom's sense of a natural origin in one's life, by developing our minds into infinity of inquiry with justice and purer sanity. This is the only way to find out, if it is worthwhile to prove if Lord God can communicate to any human at any time, forever! Remember, evil always will never want or believe he or she can heal or study further than its last best thoughts without a creative effort of "how anything naturally works into infinity" without labeling oneself as the source of all new knowledge or god and the only hope of an answer. This book will help prove a borderline of moral efforts to discover "how one can know oneself innocently" to evoke and earn only what one was born with to help one when no human did by learning to accurately and correctly blame each and every thing for what one observes as the attack, cause, and result of one's human manifestations into infinity! So, you will be motivated to heal your body-mind like never before to meet the source of your best wisdom as nature alone is innocent to occur and is an order of things to lead you to a first cause, which is not your mind! This will motivate you to believe, that you are not Lord God, any god, or a divine effort to create nature itself, but an external mind greater than your proof of human limitations can be perceived by your senses, before you heal more thoroughly to directly hear Lord God's voice. So, this book can help you learn to heal your conscience into infinity for this result! So, through this book you can learn to deduce how the human body hears no lies and this takes time, diet, breathing thoroughly, the most basic Feldenkrais techniques, and only the constant spiral of Reiki symbol with its right angle aimed at any doubt living or dead with a question in mind of the giver of Reiki symbol to learn its light on darker indigo evil and a brighter utter flow of true speech, without a Asian philosophy or massage!